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Bastille Day Celebrations
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Republican Women's Club of Sarasota
Celebrating 74 years!!!

The RWCS is going through a transition period.

We are working to transfer the website to the new president.  The RWCS website will be back soon. 

For over the past seven decades, our club promoted the principles of freedom, equality and justice upon which our country has founded.  From the beginning our mission has been to strengthen the Republican Party by educating our community about important local, state and national issues.   

What began as a small group of women has grown into the Republican Women’s Club today with members from all over Sarasota County.  We created a space to facilitate discussions, inspire actions, and give Republican candidates and elected officials a platform to share their ideas.

While our success story involves our club’s vision and core values, the other piece of the puzzle is the support of our members. With dedicated members, we strive to make a positive impact in Sarasota and beyond. We cannot thank our members enough for their sponsorship over the years.

The Officers and Board of Directors of the Republican Women’s Club of Sarasota greatly appreciate your continued support!

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Thanks to all these great women who for their leadership!

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