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Christmas Fun

Our Christmas luncheon was informative and entertaining.

We began with a moment of silence in remembrance of Pearl Harbor Day. One of our members, Carol Winkel, lived in Hawaii during that fateful day. She is amazing and is happy to share her experience with others.

Merry Christmas!

AJ Janson presented our 2018 RWCS Republican Woman of the Year, Graci McGillicuddy, with a memory book. The book contained mementos and pictures of the gala which took place last March.

Graci, founder of the All Star Children's Foundation, then provided our group with an update of the construction of a Sarasota campus that will house foster children. Thanks to all of the generous RWCS members, we collected over $1,600 in donations for the All-Star Children's Foundation.

Singer Rob Satori sang Christmas and classic songs from Willie Nelson, Sammy Davis Jr and Frank Sinatra.

The entertainment continued with an Ugly Sweater Contest. It was difficult to choose among the ugly, and not so ugly, Christmas sweaters including a creative shirt by Nell Hanratty. Nell's Christmas shirt had an outline of a Christmas tree with pictures of various Democrat politicians.

We ended our luncheon raffling off 5 baskets, 50/50 and a book give-away.

Celebrating Christmas with our members and guests was great fun.

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